Value Report Uses


A simple and easy-to-understand value report for finance will help to understand the loan-to-value ratio of a manufactured home including a location value specific to the home’s ZIP code.


Whether looking for the insured value or to assist in the calculation of a claim, a detailed value report including selected factory installed or site installed improvements will assist the user in making informed decisions.


Based on information about the construction quality of a home, obtain results for the components needed to complete the cost approach to value; with a separate line item for location value specific to a home’s ZIP code.

Buy a Home

Understanding the value of a home based on the quality of construction and the location adjustment, can offer peace of mind that you are making a sound decision about your purchase.

Sell a Home

Quality of construction and location play a big factor in the value of a manufactured home. Knowing what similar homes are selling, and the factor the location plays, can be key to pricing a home for the current market.

Manufactured Home Values

Manufactured housing (commonly known as mobile homes) is a type of prefabricated housing that is assembled in factories and then transported to a manufactured home community (commonly known as a mobile home park) or privately own parcel of land for a family to live in. The manufactured housing industry offers affordable homes for families in a day and age where the American Dream of home ownership wanes due to soring housing and rental costs.

Manufactured homes, and mobile homes before them, are able to be built at a fraction of the cost of site built homes in a controlled environment that protects the materials from harsh weather and utilizes a production-line process for efficiency.

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Mobile Home Values Direct

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